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My name is Shaun, welcome to my website.


If you have an event coming up, I can help you perform at your highest levels.

Want to know what your race pace is?

Want to know how long you can hold a certain level of intensity? Want to know if you are ACTUALLY improving? Want a structured training system that is trackable, trendable and inspiring. I offer all of that and more.

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Wattage, HR and RPE training

As a high-performance coach I offer training via Wattage, HR and RPE using TrainingPeaks. Given the choice I like to train and coach using power meters, a big advantage when compared against training with heart rate or perceived exertion. HR and RPE can be an imprecise metric depending on the amount of sleep you got, the temperature, humidity, how well you are hydrated, your nutritional state, elevation, stress and much more. Wattage isn’t impacted by any of these things which allows you to predictably and repeatedly target specific goals within each training session, or within a race, and that is a big advantage.

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See your results anytime, anywhere

If you don’t have a wattage device/power meter I can still coach you via HR & RPE. There is still good coaching science connected to HR & RPE, and all wattage athletes I work with continue to pay close attention to their HR & RPE while they are using wattage. No matter where you live, or how much racing experience you have… I’ll help you achieve new personal bests.

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Coaching options for everyone, anywhere in the world.

one on one coaching


per hour

  • Email, phone or video conferencing
  • Pre-race preparation, post-race analysis, nutritional coaching, mental preparation, etc
  • Discussions on the subjects of your choice
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Race-Site Prep and support


per hour

  • I travel to your race site and dedicate 100% effort towards your success
  • Pricing is negotiable depending on needs, time commitment, travel arrangements, and other factors.
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About me

For over a decade I’ve been coaching all genres of Road and Mountain Bike athletes in all kinds of racing events. From Time Trials to Stage Races, 100 Milers to Triathlons, Omniums, CX, 24 Solos, XCM, Track, and many more. I coach them all.

To date I’ve analyzed well over 100,000 athletes files, nearly all of them wattage based. There’s not too much I haven’t seen as a coach over the years, and my coaching track record speaks for itself. I’ve helped countless athletes race to Regional, National, and International Podium finishes.

Training and racing has taught me a lot about coaching. Coaching athletes has taught me a lot about training and racing. Nearly every week of the year I have an athlete racing somewhere in the world. It’s not uncommon for me to see twenty or thirty race files per week. Preparing athletes for that many races, and being exposed to hundreds of uploaded training files per week helps keeps my analysis skills fresh and sharp. I love training and competing, and I really love coaching.


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