From the podium

Hunter E.

“I am a 51 year old cyclist and have been racing competitively for over 25 years. Shaun Taylor has helped me reach my full potential as an athlete and I have several podium places at Masters Nationals as reward for the work we do together. What separates Shaun from every other coach I have ever had is his genuine concern for my success as well as the achievement of stated goals and objectives. Many coaches talk the talk, few walk the walk. If you are looking for not only someone that is knowledgeable, but also someone that really cares, Shaun is your guy.”

Julie K.

“Shaun has been coaching me since 2012. When I decided to venture into the 24hr Solo world, I knew he was the right man for the job. With countless 24hr Solos under his belt, Shaun is very in tune with what it takes to be a successful racer both physically and mentally. He provides invaluable feedback on training sessions and races, nutrition, bike set up and so much more. He is never too busy to answer questions and help guide you on the correct path. The podium finishes I have achieved are due largely to Shaun’s outstanding coaching abilities.”

Shane B.

“Over the years Shaun has guided me from training on and off the bike, nutrition, and the mental side of bike racing. His daily feedback and his tailored programs for each individual are like no other coach I’ve ever ran into. Whether racing road bikes or mtn bikes his vast knowledge has always had me ready to toe the line. I can’t thank Shaun enough for helping me to get my first 12 hour Single Speed podium.”

Ben M.

“Shaun’s approach comes from multiple angles, focusing on not just the bike but all the smaller things that make a massive difference in developing into a complete rider. His ability to apply his own experiences, knowledge, and ability to continue to learn with surgical precision, has provided me with the opportunity to take my own racing to the next level. In the time I have been with Shaun I have moved from a “peg holed” mid pack rider, to standing on the podium at the national champs and finishing in the top percentage in national level race series.”


“Coach Shaun Taylor has helped me to stretch the limits of my strength and endurance, and with his coaching I have been able to elevate my game to new heights. Daniel Coyle wrote about Hotbeds of talent in his book the Talent Code. In my opinion Forward Momentum Coaching is the talent hotbed for Endurance Mountain Bike racing. Shaun’s experience in racing 24hrs Solo’s is impressive to say the least. His coaching is directly responsible for my 1st place finish in the Under 40 Men’s Solo category at the 2014 24hrs of Adrenaline.”

Sean E.

“A good coach should be knowledgeable, accessible, approachable, and engaged. Coach Shaun Taylor is all of these things, plus some. Mentor, friend and fellow competitor all come to mind. His experience in the world of training cyclists with a power/wattage based model (a world where science meets witchcraft) is where he truly shines. He always appears to be striving to learn more in this regard, both with his reading and research, and with active listening to the feedback that we, his athletes (and that includes himself as well), provide as we progress along the training pathway. I am 100% confident that I am in my best possible form, whenever I find myself on the start line of a target race, a big part of which can be attributed to Shaun.”

Andrew B.

“Coach Shaun has made me believe in my ability to become an elite athlete. I have been Mountian bike racing for 7 years, bike tech for 19 years. He has given me a fresh look and a positive attitude towards 24 hour Solo endurance racing. He has opened my eyes and my abilities to goal oriented racing in my future.”


“Choosing the right coach is much like choosing a serious girlfriend, we all want someone who cares about us, makes us feel special and sets us up for success. Shaun Taylor cares. In fact, there are times he cares about me and my performance more than I do! Many coaches have excellent technical knowledge of training and nutrition, Shaun makes a commitment to his athletes that is rare in this business.”

Kevin S.

“Forward Momentum Coaching has improved all aspects of my cycling. The training plan and constant feedback provide the skills, fitness, and confidence for Solo 24 hour mountain bike races.”

Sarah N.

“I was tackling my first 24-hour solo race last season (2014) and I knew that I would need the guidance of a good coach to get me there. My husband had been coached by Shaun for a couple of seasons and had seen some good results and progress and I knew from observing his interactions with Shaun that he was a very engaged and responsive coach. So I thought I would try the “Shaun Method” and see how it went. Well, I feel like I really hit the jackpot with Shaun Taylor as my coach. He is a very intuitive, knowledgeable and intelligent individual and is also somewhat of a guru when it comes to interpreting power data files and he brings all of this to his coaching of an individual athlete.  I felt at all times like he was engaged, reviewing my data and listening to me and my feedback and applying this to create and tweak my training program as the season progressed. I felt like my training program was definitely tailored for me and my specific goals. I would sometimes even get a small lecture if I DIDN’T post a comment after a workout, he truly does care and that creates a great deal of motivation to keep going & pushing. There is nothing more demotivating than not getting feedback from a coach when you have poured your heart and soul into a workout or a race and that is NEVER EVER the case with Shaun. He was sometimes more pumped up about my results or data than I was!

And then there are the results, with power-based training you can really see positive progress, that isn’t just based on a hunch or a feeling or some other subjective measure. The numbers are there in black and white, you can see your actual progress. Shaun is also very good at not just focusing on the numbers, he looks at the whole picture of you as an athlete: your health (mental and physical), your schedule & commitments, your skillset on the bike and your race game. He really knows how to help you start progressing towards becoming an accomplished racer, which is very different from being an accomplished rider. I saw my results improve markedly through the season and I even ended up on the podium in third place in my first ever 24 solo, which I attribute directly to well-paced coaching by Shaun. My incremental progress was so well managed, I never felt like I was over-training or beyond my capabilities- yet the results started happening. I knew with Shaun at the helm, I could just do the workouts and focus on other things aside from worrying about whether I was doing not enough or too much. At all times I felt like I was in expert hands and I have utmost confidence in Shaun as a coach and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shaun to any biking athlete that is serious about committing to the coaching and seeing the results.”

John N.

“I had tried other coaches before Shaun Taylor and did not see any meaningful improvement. After training with Coach Taylor for less than a year, I was already seeing significant advances on my performance. Coach Taylor provides me with the training plans and tactical tools needed for race day. He is great with personal attention and provides same day feedback from races and training rides to help me assess my strengths and weaknesses. I came to Coach Taylor with only 2 years of race experience and he has provided me with a wealth of knowledge to help take me to the next level and beyond. His analysis and feedback on my training/race data has helped me understand the science behind the goals. Not only have I experienced improved results in my performance, but the local riders in the group training rides have also taken notice of my gains and when one asked me recently about my improvement I simply told him – I have a great coach. I look forward to many more years of a partnership with Coach Taylor.”


“Last year I had my best ever racing season. I can’t wait to see what this season brings. Smart work pays off!”

Ryan C.

Shaun Taylor