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Training by wattage is probably the biggest training tool advantage a competitive athlete can employ. As the old training saying goes, ‘Watts don’t lie’ and it’s true, they are brutally honest which makes them such an effective tool. Training by wattage has a marked advantage when compared against training with heart rate or perceived exertion. Heart rate on any given day can be completely flaky in a training session based on the amount of sleep you got, the temperature, humidity, how well you are hydrated, your nutritional state, elevation, HR band connectivity, stress and more. Wattage isn’t impacted by any of these things which allows you to predictably and repeatedly target specific goals within each training session or within a race, and that is a big advantage.


Want to know what your race pace is? Want to know how long you can hold a certain level of intensity? Want to know if you are ACTUALLY improving? Want a structured training system that is trackable, trendable and inspiring. Wattage training offers all of that and more.

Available services

Heart Rate & RPE

Most of my athletes train with wattage (my preferred coaching method) but if you don’t have a wattage device I can still coach you via HR & RPE. There is still good coaching science connected to HR & RPE, and all my wattage athletes continue to pay close attention to their HR & RPE while they are using wattage.

Something for every budget

If you don’t have the budget for a wattage device, you can afford an HR device. A lot can be accomplished on HR & RPE.

Coaching software

I use TrainingPeaks – The Gold Standard

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