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Why Forward Momentum Coaching?

Here are a few reasons…

Road or Mountain Bike

I coach athletes in both disciplines. Everything from Cyclocross and Crits, to XC Mountain and 24hr Solos. Omniums, Stage Races, Time Trials, Road Races, Hill Climbs, Team TT, Triathlon (Bike only), 100 Milers, you name it and I’ve coached it.

Experienced Analysis

I’ve analyzed approximately 100,000 athlete files, nearly all of them wattage based. There’s not too much I haven’t seen over the years. Sifting through the details and seeing the trends is my specialty.

Tracking Metrics

Guesswork isn’t an option. Observing metrics every day allows me to stay science-based, correcting training loads on an as need basis. Metrics, they work.

Seeing Results

I improve every single athlete I coach. Week after week, and month after month… you will see constant improvements. Not only on the bike, but also in your day to day life.

Optimal on Race Day

Fully prepared on the start line is no easy task. I will help streamline your path forward and answers all your questions along the way. Do it the right way.

The Podium

Fact:  Competitive athletes like the podium. My coaching track record shows countless athletes racing to Regional and National Championship wins in all categories of racing.

“Coach Shaun Taylor has helped me to stretch the limits of my strength and endurance, and with his coaching I have been able to elevate my game to new heights. Daniel Coyle wrote about Hotbeds of talent in his book the Talent Code. In my opinion Forward Momentum Coaching is the talent hotbed for Endurance Mountain Bike racing. Shaun’s experience in racing 24hrs Solo’s is impressive to say the least. His coaching is directly responsible for my 1st place finish in the Under 40 Men’s Solo category at the 2014 24hrs of Adrenaline.” Ryan G.

“I am a 51 year old cyclist and have been racing competitively for over 25 years. Shaun Taylor has helped me reach my full potential as an athlete and I have several podium places at Masters Nationals as reward for the work we do together. What separates Shaun from every other coach I have ever had is his genuine concern for my success as well as the achievement of stated goals and objectives. Many coaches talk the talk, few walk the walk. If you are looking for not only someone that is knowledgeable, but also someone that really cares, Shaun is your guy.” Hunter E.

“Shaun has been coaching me since 2012. When I decided to venture into the 24hr Solo world, I knew he was the right man for the job. With countless 24hr Solos under his belt, Shaun is very in tune with what it takes to be a successful racer both physically and mentally. He provides invaluable feedback on training sessions and races, nutrition, bike set up and so much more. He is never too busy to answer questions and help guide you on the correct path. The podium finishes I have achieved are due largely to Shaun’s outstanding coaching abilities.” Julie K.

I Train…

And year after year I’ve learned how to do it smarter and more efficiently. Now that I’m in my 50’s, I have to be even smarter in all aspects of my training, managing workloads and recovery is critical.

I Race…

A lot of my races have been ultra-endurance MTB focused, with nearly 30 24hr Solo races to date. Throw in a pile of 6hr, 8hr and 12hr races, some Stage racing, and some XC racing as well. I’ve seen a few things along the way.

And I am a Coach

Training and racing has taught me a lot about coaching. Coaching a lot of athletes has taught me a ton about training and racing. Every week of the year I have an athlete racing somewhere in the world. It’s not uncommon for me to see twenty or thirty race files per week. Preparing athletes for that many races, and being exposed to hundreds of uploaded training files per week keeps my analysis skills sharp. It keeps me professional. I love training and racing. And I really love coaching.

“Choosing the right coach is much like choosing a serious girlfriend, we all want someone who cares about us, makes us feel special and sets us up for success. Shaun Taylor cares. In fact, there are times he cares about me and my performance more than I do! Many coaches have excellent technical knowledge of training and nutrition, Shaun makes a commitment to his athletes that is rare in this business.” JD M.

Forward Momentum Coaching has improved all aspects of my cycling. The training plan and constant feedback provide the skills, fitness, and confidence for Solo 24 hour mountain bike races. Kevin S.

Over the years Shaun has guided me from training on and off the bike, nutrition, and the mental side of bike racing. His daily feedback and his tailored programs for each individual are like no other coach I’ve ever ran into. Whether racing road bikes or mtn bikes his vast knowledge has always had me ready to toe the line. I can’t thank Shaun enough for helping me to get my first 12 hour Single Speed podium. Shane B.

Coaching Software Package

As one of my athletes you will get a free Premium TrainingPeaks account

I coach athletes all over the world, so I require a multi-functional platform with a powerful interface, not just for me but also for my athletes. I’ve been using the TrainingPeaks Coach edition since early 2008, and in my opinion it is the Gold Standard. Every one of my athletes gets an upgraded TrainingPeaks Premium account, providing full access to all of the TrainingPeaks tools.

Want to learn more about TrainingPeaks?

If you haven’t taken a look at the TrainingPeaks software yet, now’s a perfect time to head over and learn more.
“A few years ago in a Six Hour Marathon Mountain Bike race, Shaun Taylor caught me. I had met him before but had never raced against him. It was not until the next six hour race, the following Spring, when he caught me again. I knew I wanted to step it up a few notches so I dropped him an email. Shaun was very quick to setup the program, provide endless information, nutritional help, and the biggest thing, Race Experience. I set my goals and Shaun started to get me closer to them. Within a few months I was already seeing progressive changes in my racing, training and personal life. I achieved the goals I set last Mountain Bike season and I now have new goals set for the upcoming season. Without Shaun Taylor and his program, these goals would never be possible, or even imaginable. I am very excited to be part of Shaun’s Program for the race season next year!” Chris B.

“Wherever this group goes and rides all you need to do is look at the podium, they are usually there. If you are looking to take your racing and fitness to another level – check Shaun out, one of the best in Canada. Little more than a coincidence that the group of riders that Shaun coaches dominate the podiums of the 24 hr Mtn Bike circuit, some say there must be something in the water. Actually that is true, it is Infinit.”   Darcy Haggith, President, Infinit Nutrition Canada

“I first met Shaun at the 24 Hours of Rocky Hill in 2013. I was crewing for a couple of friends, one of whom was coached by Shaun. I was crewing because I had decided not to race after a pre-ride of the course showed me I was nowhere near fit enough for 24 hours of riding there. At the race, I got to talk to Shaun a little bit about his coaching, but more importantly I saw the results of it. His athletes were 2nd and 3rd in Men’s Open Solo, 1st in Women’s Open Solo, 1st in Men’s Single Speed Solo and 2nd in Men’s Sport Solo. With results like that, I knew this was the coach for me. Since beginning with Shaun in October of 2013, I’ve experienced steady improvement in my fitness, my power, and my confidence. This past October, I returned to the 24 Hours of Rocky Hill and placed 3rd in Men’s Sport Solo and 6th place overall. Thanks, Coach Taylor!” Tony L.


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Want to learn more about my Coaching Services?