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One on One Coaching

I’ve been committed to individualized athlete coaching for over a decade, it gets the best results and it’s the best use of your personal time. You get solutions specific to you, the results you want throughout the year. Confident on the start line at the events you really want to nail.

Are you reluctant to ‘go for it‘ because you don’t have enough time? Good news, I’m used to working with athletes who have busy work and home lives. There is a path forward. Let’s find a way to get you performing at that next higher level. Contact me to find out how.


I review each day’s uploaded athlete files and provide feedback on the performance, as well as ways to improve and things to watch for. Most of my analysis is based on wattage but I also work with just heart rate.


A busy race season requires complex and detailed planning. Ensuring an athlete shows up to their event fully prepared is an important task. Let me sweat all of the details so you don’t have to.


Race events are tough to tackle by yourself. You have questions? I have answers. Here are just a few of the subjects I regularly cover while preparing for an event; pacing, strategy, hydration, injuries, recovery protocols, sickness, etc.


“I wish I had done it sooner. Numbers don’t lie. Connecting with Shaun is the biggest performance upgrade I’ve ever experienced.”

Scott D, Criterium Racer

Shaun Taylor